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Nuy Textile Limited Company has been established in 1992 by two partners chemical engineer, Ulviye Yahya and economist, Nejat Yahya. The priority have the properties of the various chemicals and enzymes transactions passed through differences and to gain to the value of export goods and their reach in international markets, especially exports to the countries of the European Community with a variety of marketing agency has been the basic functions.


As a result, the partner chemical engineer Ulviye Yahya, found the way that how the export products can be in wealth position with enzymes. With this project she's awarded as a succesful businesswomen in Bursa by World Newspaper.


The partner economist Nejat Yahya has good relationships between Bursa's sister city Anshan in China with the social, cultural, commercial activities and he has the position of Honorary Consul in China.


Nuy Textile Limited Company is in the import, export, internal trade, represantation, engineering, consultancy and took its place with the understanding of life and work until today.

Since 1992
  • ​Import

  • Export

  • Trading

  • Advisory

  • Representatives

  • Textile Chemicals
    - Microcapsule Technology
    - Enzymes
      AB Enzymes



BUIKAD (Bursa Business Women Association)

Innovative Business Women Award - Ulviye Yahya
Microcapsule Freshness Technology


World Newspaper Succesful Business Women in Bursa Award - Ulviye Yahya
Special Enzyme Applications on Textile

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