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Graduated from Ankara Hacettepe University, department of Economy. During 1972-1976 when he was studying, he has improved his english and business experience when he was working as a receptionist and a cashier in the Ankara Hotel. Between 1976-1978 he has worked as an import&export director at Teknim Limited Company in Ankara. Between 1978-1979 he did his military service as an ordnance lieutenant. Between 1980-1982, he has worked as an import&export manager at ISTAS, İnegol, Bursa (Forest Products Factory). Between 1982-1992 he has worked as an export manager at Sonmez ASF, Bursa. 


Since 1992, he's the founder partner at Nuy Textile and continues his career as a manager.


Nejat Yahya has been taking part in culture, arts, sports, social and business life in Bursa. He’s the member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, BUSIAD (Bursa Business Association), GESIAD (Young industrialists, Businessmen Association), RUMELISIAD (Rumelia Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association), Bursa Rumelia Turks Assocaiation, Uludag Exporters' Union, Bursa Hisar Lions Club, Nilüfer Turkish art music and folk music choir.


He writes as a kind of honorary position in various local and national newspapers, about his domestic and foreign travel social, cultural and economic review.


He has good relationships between Bursa's sister city Anshan in China with the social, cultural, commercial activities and he has the position of Honorary Consul in China.  

Ulviye YAHYA

Graduated from Eskişehir Anadolu University, department of Chemical Engineering. Between 1975-1982 she has worked as a quality control engineer at ISTAS, İnegol, Bursa (Forest Products Factory); between 1982-1989 she has worked as a director at Sonmez ASF, Bursa; between 1989-2006 she has worked as an founder engineer Öztarhanlar Textile, İnegöl, Bursa.


Since 1992, she's the founder partner at Nuy Textile and continues her career as a manager.


She has been taking part of culture, social and business life in Bursa. She's a fluent english speaker and the member of BUKIAD (Bursa Business Women Association), KGK( Woman Entrepreneurs). 



2011 BUIKAD (Bursa Business Women Association)

Innovative Business Women Award

World Newspaper

2003 World Newspaper Succesful Business Women in Bursa Award

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